Using Technology to Differentiate Technology 101


Susan Allen, K-12 Instructional and Technology Coach, Hempfield School District


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Using Technology for Assessment

Live audience polling using cell phones, twitter or website.
Free polling or survey maker. Free account limited to 10 questions, 100 responses, no item analysis.
Google forms
Part of Google docs. Can be embedded into websites.

Using Technology for Visual Learners

Discovery Education
Videos, clip art, audio files and builders to create online differentiated activities for students.
Google Earth Google Earth Gallery
Gallery of uploaded Google Earth files on a variety of topics.
Google Lit Trips
This site is an experiment in teaching great literature in a very different way. Using Google Earth, students discover where in the world the greatest road trip stories of all time took place... and so much more!
You Tube Add this to your toolbar to strip everything but the video from You Tube.

History Tours
History Tours is a collaborative website that gives teachers access to pre-made Google Earth tours on various topics in American and World history. These tours provide an excellent backdrop for visual learning. They allow students to view people and places of historical importance while the teacher presents essential background knowledge.

Using Technology to Create

Digital storytelling
Overview of digital storytelling using Jog the Web.
Creating your own podcasts or using content from iTunes.
iTunes U
Google Earth Tours
Google Earth Blog
Storybook creating software for all grades. Includes themes and clipart.
Site to use teach kids how to create movie.
Word cloud creator. Can modify layout and color and size.
More complex word cloud creator.
Elementary word cloud creator.
Create animated talking cartoons
EDU Glogster
Interactive poster creator. Educator accounts with 100 student accounts under the educator account.
Educator accounts allow you to have student accounts without email addresses. Can upload videos, images and comment on them.
Vocalize any image. Can record or upload audio files.
Content Songs
Songs for K-12 content with song lyrics.
Teacher websites without adds. Great to work with to create student accounts.

Online comic creators
Collaborative whiteboard wiki. Requires email for registration.
Sticky wall. No account needed to participate.
Talking avatars. Great way to give directions on a website.
Samples can be viewed on Vicki Reed's wiki at and on the HSD Technology Blog at

Using Technology to Distribute

Hempfield Website - website, private blogs, public blogs

Using Technology to Collaborate

Free live blogging tool. Can include polls and allows for moderating.
Tools for classroom communication and collaboration. Includes polls, messages, calendar.
Blogging tools for educators. Allow for levels of contribution and moderation.
Collaborative word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations.
Tool to find international partners
Social bookmarking site. Diigo allows for student accounts and sticky note notation when logged into the site.
Audio and visual call tool for collaboration. Allows for screen sharing.
Skype An Author
Sites with videoconferencing collaboration postings.
Collaborative word processor tool.
Today's Meet
Collaborative word processor tool.

Managing the Technology

  • Protect your students - ask your technology staff about acceptable use policies in your district.
  • Use pre-assessment, entrance and exit tickets.
    • Checklists, post it notes, 3x5 cards
  • Make sure the student uses the same computer if they are working on a multimedia project.
  • Use status checks - colored cups, colored clothespins on laptops/netbooks, 2 before me.
  • Instruction/help booklets for self-directed assistance.

Build Your Personal Learning Network

Twitter ex) Differentiation Central Twitter site
RSS feeds - ex) ASCD blog
  • Professional publishing site. Need an account to download
Differentiation Central Website @ UVA
  • Check out the blog and resources!!
Classroom 2.0
  • Ning site resource for technology integration. Free weekly webinars on integration which are archived. Something for everyone!
Explore the professional organizations for your content area for blogs and other resources.

Other Resource for Web 2.0 tools:

Dianne Krause - Perk Up Your Projects